Design and Architectural Services

We love to build what we design, however for many reasons there might be a delay between a client wanting a project designed and started and/or wanting to complete the build once a design is complete. For these reasons and others we offer pure design services.

What we do is a little different to our competitors in two ways. The first is the tools that we use and the results of those tools, and the second is that we discount the design costs against the build costs if a client designs and build with us.

  • Our Design approach: In almost all cases, it is important to be able to visualize what it is you are trying to create. We us a 3D Architectural software package that allows us to render or model an entire home. This allows for photographic quality pictures of what we are designing both inside and out to be produced. You can see from every angle what your new space will look like, and what is truly unique is that we create virtual video walkthroughs. You can actually walk the project as if a video was taken of the new home, inside and out. From the same project software we produce all of the engineering also for the permitting process and can simply perform changes at the click of a mouse and at your kitchen table.
  • Our Create and Build program is unique: We, unlike most contractors can conceive, design, draw and build your vision. No other services from engineers, architects or builders is needed and it allows us to give a full soup to nuts offering. If you want just design that is fine two, and we offer both conceptual design projects so you can see your new space and/or full package up to and including obtaining the building permit if required. If you want us to built it that's fine too. Or anywhere in between with managed construction offered by us to our designs if you would like to use another builder.
Examples of our Design and Architectural Services