Shave - Deck

Darcy and Lurie are tired of their old concrete slab and want a nice new larger space for outside living. The new deck and new front stairs will uplift there home's appearance as well as giving more space to sit and cook out.. We will be building a Trex deck on the side of the home and new stairs on the front.

Thibodeau - Addition

Below is a gallery showing progress on this project day-by-day.

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Shave - Day 2 Shave - Day 3
Day 2 - Two days and we just have the handrail to do....nice and big for parties
Shave - Day 3 Shave - Day 3
Day 3
Shave - Day 5 Shave - Day 5 Shave - Day 5
Day 5 - Deck and front steps are finished... looks huge, but when it comes to decks, bigger is definitely better

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