Our capabilities include large and small scale construction, property development, alterations, remodeling new construction. We handle approx 10 projects per year from commercial work to residential. While most of the projects are residential I think it is only a matter of time/ opportunity that will drive a balanced mix.

Ralph Billington is a licensed construction supervisor in both MA and RI and has significant plumbing and electrical experience. Ralph’s background as a registered professional mechanical engineer has developed an interest in the mechanical and architectural aspects of home building. We love to take on the difficult projects that require not just the knowledge to get it done but where a flare for creative solutions and what looks right carries a job from the paper to impressive reality.

Having the toys also helps keep the rental costs out of the math....and I don’t mind admitting that pushing trees and dirt around can be fun. Every boy loves Tonka toys.

Here are a few of the toys....

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